What starts here, changes the world.
HEC recognized University
Last Date to Apply 30th September 2020
Any query/problem regarding Admissions; students are advised to contact Director Admissions #+92-523575518-20 +92 310 777 01 43

About Us

  1. Vision - Our Vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the students of the area by providing them unprecedented access to research, education and modern technology, so that they can lead Pakistan to a new era of development, growth and productivity.
  2. Mission - Our Mission is based on the provision of Higher Education to the students of Sialkot and its adjacent areas, in accordance with International standards at an affordable fee. The University of Sialkot will enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to Achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organization and provide leadership and service to their community. The mission of USKT is to give motivation, inspiration and learning to the students.
  3. Why USKT? - If you're looking for world-class quality education, we recommend you to apply to the University of Sialkot.Here are several reasons why should you invest in USKT:
    • Quality Education
    • Peace and Security
    • Trained Staff
    • A degree that pays you back
    A place for holistic undergraduate experience and strong graduate education - A diverse community with a distinctive commitment to ethics, tolerance, and social responsibility - Engaged with the society and a change agent for economic growth and development

1-Km Main
Daska Road, Sialkot


Email: info@uskt.edu.pk
Phone: +92-523575518-20