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Office of Research



Office of Research,
Innovation and


  • Supporting the strategic research directions and policies of universities
  • Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the institution
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding
  • Improve recruitment and retention of the top faculty Translating research for the public's benefit
  • Improving and strengthening university-industry relationships
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy
  • Promoting and improve multi-disciplinary research initiatives

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization


  • New technologies have grown more sophisticated and emerging industries have become more high-tech, universities have become more important players in the processes of invention, innovation and commercialization.

  • Bringing innovations to market has not been the main historical role of university-based researchers. Instead, university researchers quite appropriately concentrate on basic science. But the ultimate aim of scientific research, after all, is to improve the human condition and so aiding the transfer and commercialization of discoveries serves the interests of the inventor and society. “Since the Industrial Revolution, the growth of economies around the world has been driven largely by the pursuit of scientific understanding, the application of engineering solutions, and continual technological innovation”. Ideally, university structures should support all aspects of this process, from invention to innovation, as well as commercialization. Hence office research Innovation & Commercialization is responsible for facilitating and supporting the discovery and innovation process on their respective campuses.

  • As universities become more entrepreneurial and look toward technology transfer into non-traditional fields, there is a need for alternative conceptualizations of technology transfer that are more accurate and realistic than the traditional linear model and that are generalizable to the nuances of the university to which they are applied.

  • Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), is an initiative by HEC opened in almost all universities in Pakistan. The aim of ORIC is to create a platform for students / teachers / researchers to ensure the impact of research and to sow seeds of entrepreneurship among universities graduates, who would desist from entering the job market and instead become employers.

  • USKT has established ORIC in May 2018. Since then it has opened many doors to success for students and faculty. It is currently being led by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid who is serving as the Director of ORIC. Director ORIC has managed the appointments of all officers as required by HEC

The Message of Director ORIC

With the advent of advancement in science and technology in the present century, needs of time has changed immensely. Research is a very expensive business and it should be dealt and planned diligently and carefully. Most of the countries in the third world are engaged in research, which is mostly basic research. No one can deny the importance of basic research in advancement of science but if this research is not applicable to improve the living standards of human race then perhaps its importance becomes dubious. All research should be linked with innovation and practical commercialization. Now Higher Education Commission is attaching special importance to Research which is connected with innovation, commercialization, and industrial linkages. This should lead to entrepreneurship, job creation and can bring economic stability and growth in the country. It is the charter of ORIC OFFICE at the university of Sialkot.
To promote research, innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization. . .
At this moment, I congratulate all staff members, researchers and students of each faculty for their efforts to raise the research activities at USKT. Also special thanks to Chairman BoG and worthy Vice Chancellor for financial help, encouragement regarding scholarships, travelling grants, publication incentive award and taking keen interest in research activities.

Director Research, Innovation & Commercialization

Role of ORIC

  • Supporting the strategic research directions and policies of universities
  • Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the institution
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding
  • Improve recruitment and retention of the top faculty Translating research for the public's benefit
  • Improving and strengthening university-industry relationships
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy
  • Promoting and improve multi-disciplinary research initiatives

  • Development of Incubation Center

    ORIC has remained in touch with each individual and trying to solve his / her problems regarding research activities, lab instruments, chemicals, other aids, interdisciplinary collaboration, business plan and entrepreneurial activities, collaborations with others business plan and entrepreneurship activities.

Vision and Objective


The office's vision is to enable and lead Pakistan's transformation to a knowledge-based economy dependent upon innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • Grow our research and economic development efforts and output as to improve our industry competitiveness using university innovations and becoming the driving force behind research and economic development for Pakistan.
  • Induce sense of motivation regarding research culture activities among all the faculty members of the University of Sialkot Give awareness the latest information of technology, scholarship, workshop, seminar etc. and funding agencies to teachers and students."


Executive Director USKT
Director ORIC
Manager University Industry Linkages & Technology Transfer
Prof. Dr. Aslam Dar
Publication, Communication Specialist
Dr. Javed Anjum Sheikh
Manager Research Operation and Development
Muhammad Faisal Waheed
Deputy Director ORIC
Rukhshanda Saleem
Assistant Manager ORIC
Rehana John
Assistant Network Administrator ORIC
Mehak Mustafa


Sr.No Date Events
1 14-Oct-18 International peace conference
2 21-Nov-18 Iqbal day Seminar
3 4-Dec-18 A talk by Mayor,s of Sialkot on CSR and sustainability communities
4 7-Dec-19 Challenges and opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Pakistan
5 13-Dec-18 Human Rights Day
6 27-Dec-18 Quaid-e-Azam Day
7 14-Jan-2019 Intellectual Discussion on Kashmir Issue
8 31-Jan-19 Training session on SPSS and AMOS
9 19, 20 Feb 2019 Book Fair
10 14-Mar-19 Entrepreneurship as a viable career option by SMEDA
11 24th July 2019 10th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics
12 23rd April 2019 8th Invention to Innovation Summit (buy and sell Technology)

Research Projects




  • RESEARCH PROJECTS (Other Agencies)

Under Construction

Travel Grants

Memorandum signed by university of Sialkot

For the purpose of research alliances University of Sialkot ties with different national and international institutes / universities. The description for these collaborations or memorandum are given as follows:

LIST of Memorandum of understanding (MoU)
Sr.No Date Memorandum of understanding (B/T)
1 14-Oct-18 University of Sialkot(USKT) & Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122,District.Sialkot
2 Jan-28-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & M/S Corvit Systems, Lahore
3 Jan-29-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & Austlink Consultants Trading as Study in Australia
4 Feb-01-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & Institute of Financial Accountant, IFA-UK
5 Feb-01-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & LEXICON School of Business and Finance(LSBF)
6 Feb-14-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & Taleem Foundation
7 March-8-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & Central Jail, Gujranwala
8 March-28-2019 University of Sialkot(USKT) & TUSDEC (Technology up Gradation and Skill Development Company), Ministry of Industries and Production, Government of Pakistan
9 April -17-2019 University of Sialkot & Anwar Khawaja Industries Pvt. Ltd
10 May-21-2019 University of Sialkot & Higher Education Advising Services 7C/75, Sector B – Askari XI, Lahore, Pakistan
11 May-22-2019 University of Sialkot & DIVINE (Sialkot)
12 june-12-2019 University of Sialkot & ICT4E(SMC pvt . Limited )
13 June-12-2019 School Of Fashion And Design University of Sialkot & FOLKRUNG (A Product of ICT4E (SMC-PVT) Limited)

USKT Publications

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Sr# Author Title Journal Year Ref#
1 Afia Muhammad Akram, Humera Kausar, Asma Chaudhary, Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad, Muhammad Waheed Akhter, Muhammad Farooq Sabar ,Nadia Sajid, Nawaf AI Anazi, Aamir Aleem, Zafar Iqbal Detection of Exon 12 and 14 Mutation in Janus Kinase 2 Gene Including a Novel Mutant in V617F Negative Polycythemia Vera Patients from Pakistan Journal of Cancer 2018 Vol.9(23):4341-4345. doi: 10.7150/jca.27414
2 Afia Muhammad Akram, Tanveer Akhtar , Asma Chaudhary, Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad, Muhammad Farooq Sabar ,Nadia Sajid, , Zafar Iqbal BCR-ABL Kinase Domain Mutations Exit in few imatinib Treated Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Patients Exhibiting Stable Cytogenetic and Hematologic Responses Blood 2018 132:5427 2018 doi: 10.1182/blood 99-111757
3 Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Sikander Ali , Umer Rashid, Muhammd Kamran, Muhammd Faheem Malik, Kalsoom Sughra, Nadia Zeeshan, Amber Afroz,Javaria Saleem and Mariam Saghir Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from leave extract of Litchi chinensis and its dynamic Biological impact on microbial cell and human cancer cell lines Cellular and Molecular Biology 2018 E-ISSN:1165-158x/P-ISSN:0145-5680
4 Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Wasim ,Umer Rashid, Nadia Zeeshan, Rizwan Ali , Sahrish Habib, Sawera Nayyab, Bushra Manzoor, Nouman Zahid Mutational screening of GABRG2 gene in Pakistan population of Punjab with Generalized tonic clonic seizures and Children with childhood absence epilepsy Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 2018 81(2018)665-669
5 Hajra Ashraf, Bisma Meer, Romasa Nz, Aarooj Saeed, Haleema Sadia , Usmara Sajid ,Kanwal Nisar ,Zunaira Aslam , Pervez Anwar 3D- Bio printing :A stepping stone towards enhanced medical approaches Advancements in Life Sciences- International Quarterly Journal Biological Sciences 2018 ISSN 2310-5380/Aug 2018
6 Haasan Waseem ,Sana Jameel, Jafar Ali, Hamza Saleem Ur Rehman , Isfahan Tauseef , Uzma Farooq, Asif Jamal and Muhammad Ishtiaq Ali Contributions and challenges of high throughput qPCR for determining Antimicrobial resistance in the environment :A Critical Review Journal of Molecules 2019 2019,24,163; doi:10.3390/molecules 24010163
7 Tabeer Fatima, Sadaf Rani, Stefan Fischer, Thomas Efferth, Farooq Ahmad Kiani The hydrolysis of 6-phosphoguconolactone in the second step of pentose phosphate pathway occurs via a two water mechanism Biophysical Chemistry 2018 240(2018) 98-106
8 Sehrish Sadia , Akash Tariq , Shabnum Shaheen, Khafsa Malik, Farah Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad , Huma Qureshi, Brian Gagosh Nayyar Ethno pharmacological profile of anti-arthritic plants of Asia-a systematic review. Journal of Herbal Medicine 2018 xxx(2018)xxx-xxx2210-8033
9 Anam Javed ,Ayesha Kabeer Implication of Flora For Skin wound healing and regeneration from Pakistan. International journal of Currant research 2018 Vol.10,issue, 05,pp.69383-69388,may,2018

Faculty of Fashion & Design

Sr# Author Title Journal Year Ref#
DEPARTMENTS Of Textile And Fashion Deign
1 Muhammad Faisal Waheed, Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid Impact of Emerging Technologies for sustainable Fashion, Textile and Design IHSI 2019 Springer Conference Book: Springer IHSI Boo 2019 (2019, VIII, 903 p.) DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-11051-2 , ISBN: 978-3-030-11051-2

Faculty of Business & Administration Science

Sr# Author Title Journal Year Ref#
1 Ali Hassan,.Muhhmad Ramzan Mehar , Sana Arshad,Nimra Sohail , Muhammad Atif Sheikh .Mariam Naeem ,Madiha Khalid Exploring Effect of Challenge- Hindrance Stress Model on Employee Engagement Merit Research Journal of education and Review 2018 (ISSN:2350-2282) Vol.6(6)pp.092-100-,june,2018
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7 Muhammad Ramzan Mehar Impact of trade openness and Macroeconomic variables on GDP growth Research journal of Commerce, Economics and Social science 2018 ISSN1996-2800,2013
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9 Muhammad Ramzan Mehar ,Mariam Naeem, Sana Arshad , Marim Nazee Relationship of economic and financial variable with behavior of stock prices. Journal of Business &Finance Management Research 2018 Vol 4(5) pp.38-47 ,sep 2018

Funding Agencies


Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid
Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

Business Incubating Center

The HEC supports the establishment of Business Incubation Centre's (BIC) in public sector universities to provide basic infrastructure and allied facilities for researchers and young entrepreneurs who are interested in developing early-stage business ventures. A business incubator's main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

Business Incubators are companies which support new and startup companies in their initial development stage by providing an array of targeted resources and services. These services are developed or arranged by the business incubator and offered by it directly or through its network of contacts. Graduates of the business incubator program create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies. Instead of creating job seekers we are turning new graduates into job providers.

By integrating students, entrepreneurs, and universities, business incubators have the most significant impact on the economy when they are tied to universities. Therefore, initiatives have been taken to pair incubators with local universities.

The Objectives are summarized as:
  1. Promotion of Entrepreneurship/self-employment among Youth
  2. Commercialization of viable research stemming from University
  3. Closer linkages between Industry-Academia
  4. Contribute to economic growth by employment generation and creation of small and medium start-up Companies

Incubator Structure:

Incubator will have the following staff and they will be responsible for the operations of the incubator.

  1. Director
  2. Incubator Manager
  3. IT/Admin Assistant
  4. Receptionist
  5. Office Boy
  6. Janitor
  7. Security Guard

Physical Infrastructure:

Incubates will be provided well-furnished offices. All offices will be ready-to-use and come with hassle-free services, including:

  1. Reception services
  2. Shared meeting rooms
  3. Dedicated internet access
  4. Business Centre services


1-Km Main
Daska Road, Sialkot


Phone: +92-523575518-20