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Financial Assistance Program


2.8 million Scholarships Awarded

Wide access to quality education is the main engine that can bring broader social benefits to Pakistan. IMAM BIBI EDUACTION WELAFRE FOUNDATION will be working to establish Students Financial Support at University of Sialkot with the goal of funding an on-going commitment to make higher education accessible to needy students and enhance their learning experience. The objective of IMEWF is to assist the needy and talented student to peruse for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at USKT . The fund is designed to pool all the future donations for scholarship purpose from a broad range of sources under one umbrella to provide a sustainable source for funding scholarships to needy students. The establishment of IMEWF is expected to stimulate the contribution of new funds and make more funds available to students in the long-term.


  1. To establish an Endowment Fund that will produce enough investment gains to be spent exclusively in awarding scholarship to needy students.
  2. To provide talented needy students with financial means to attend and excel at the University of Sialkot.
  3. To increase incrementally each year IBEWF's principal amount and its annual spending in scholarships.
  4. To design and implement programs that will increase the number of need based scholarships awarded to meritorious students.
  5. To increase public awareness about the importance of financing and supporting equal access to quality higher education.
  6. That IBEWF will not be used for any commercial / political purpose at any stage


Students are helped by providing information on various scholarships and Financial assistance schemes including IMAM BIBI endowment fund, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF), Merit and Need Based Scholarships by the campus management, assessment of their eligibility and procedure for application.


Pakistan has no shortage of talented youth, but in several instances, lack of resources prevents them from realizing their potential. This is a particularly problematic when it comes to accessing higher education. The Government of Pakistan acknowledges these constraints, and has tasked the Higher Education Commission with facilitating needy and deserving students through Need Based Scholarships. This year, over 10,000 scholarships have been announced for financially disadvantaged students all over Pakistan including 61 public sector universities of Pakistan (list attached). It aims to elevate the socio-economic status of the students by enabling their access to modern education and career opportunities towards a brighter future.

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